Can you make a living off gaming?


Do you love gaming so much you want to make it your job? This is actually a possibility. Business Wire published an article in May 2004 about how teenagers were facing the worst job market in decades and how Nintendo wanted to help. 48 lucky people we’re chosen for the summer job. Their jobs consisted of showcasing Nintendo video games at sporting, music, and lifestyle festivals in six major markets throughout the summer. These teenagers worked three days a week, and were paid $100 a day. Not only were these teens extremely lucky to be paid so well, a lucky few were selected to join one of six Nintendo street teams who competed for a $40,000 team bonus.

Gale Business Insights also published an article that revealed how to get paid to play video games. With the gaming industry continuing to grow everyday, Video Games Tester Jobs is a new program that teaches players how to make money from playing video games. This site, created in 2008 helps users comprehend how the business side of video gaming evolves and how to increase their performance to increase their profits. The Video Game Tester Job simply states that all users have to do is simply play the video games and give their honest review on it. Various gaming companies post on this website, these companies pay users for their input and effort. The number of job opportunities through this site is abundant. With the users playing the entire game and sharing their honest opinions it helps the companies edit the game to what works and what doesn’t.

PR Newswire published an article about Hecklers Online, Incorporated. Company co-founder Scott Davis stated that “Hecklers is really unique in that it provides a creative, high-tech environment where hard work and fun go hand in hand”. Not only do you get paid to play video games but the office set up sounds pretty ideal as well. Co-founder Mike Ragsdale stated that “Exceptional dining and nightlife, world-class golf courses, gorgeous state parks, and quality housing can all be found within five minutes of our new office.”.
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